How to create nail tips with your own nail polish from scratch


The first step in nail art is a bit of fun and the best part is that you can do it from scratch.

The process of applying nail polish is the same whether you’re using the same product, a new one or just trying something new.

Here are the tips and tricks that will help you nail polish your nails to the exact style you like, in just one step.


Use a polish brush to apply the nail polish You can use any type of nail polish brush you like.

They all have different strengths and weaknesses, but I recommend the ones with the biggest number of bristles.

I used the nail polishes I used for this article as a base.

Apply the polish with your fingers, but don’t press down on it too hard or you’ll have to remove it later.

This is the easiest step.

The next step is to use the nail tip to apply it.

If you’re going to be using a different nail polish than the one you chose, apply it with the nail brush as well.

Use the nail tips to paint the area that you want the nail to show through the polish.

The tip you want to paint is the one that you applied first, so you have to wait for the polish to dry before using it.

Then, you’ll want to press down with your nails and apply it until it completely covers the nail.

This takes longer, but the best results are achieved by painting the area in the same way that you paint the nail on the outside.


Find a color for the nail If you don’t have any nail polish, you can make up your own with a mix of colors.

You can make a lot of different patterns with different shades of nail polish, but they can’t be too similar to each other.

For example, you could use white, yellow, green and red nail polish.

It’s a great way to get creative with your nail art and get creative yourself.

Here’s how to use nail polish to paint a design.

If the color you’re making is too similar, you won’t be able to paint it as smoothly as you want.

Here is how to paint using nail polish: 1.

Find the color that you like to use to paint on the nail 2.

Make a gradient using a flat brush and paint the gradient on the area you want it to show 2.

Add a little more polish if you want 2.

Paint the gradient with a paintbrush and add some extra polish if needed 3.

Wait for the gradient to dry 4.

Paint another color on top of the gradient and wait for it to dry again 5.

Use your fingers to paint onto the nail again and repeat the process.

For more tips on nail art, check out: How to make a great nail art look: How nail art looks with your favourite nail polish

nail tip designs

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