When your iPhone’s camera gets too bright, you need to turn it off


Posted September 29, 2018 11:14:42Apple’s new iOS 9, which is set to launch today, has a new feature called ‘Dynamic Night Mode’ that turns off the camera automatically when you leave a dark room, a feature that has been in the iPhone since iOS 6.

If you’re like me and don’t like having your phone constantly dimming, you might not want to have the iPhone turn off the flash.

This feature was originally introduced with iOS 9.1, which had a feature called Auto Light and Dark, which turns off your camera if the ambient light is too bright or dark, and dims the flash if the light is dim.

While this feature is new in iOS 9 and is only available for iOS 9 beta users, it’s actually pretty cool to see it being used by Apple.

You can turn it on and off in the Settings app, under the Light and Brightness toggle, and you’ll notice that you can set the camera to auto dim if the lighting is too dim, or you can turn on and turn it back off if the camera is too light.

Auto Light and Daylight is a great feature for those that like to use their phone in bright, dim environments, or those that prefer not to have it turn off when they leave a darkened room.

While I was initially skeptical about this feature, I was impressed when I tried it out on my iPhone 5c.

While the feature can be useful for those who want to turn off their iPhone camera when they’re in a dark location, it also allows you to turn the camera off when you’re not in the dark.

For example, you can have Auto Light on and it’ll dim when you are outside, and Auto Daylight off when the light level is a little bit higher.

The downside to this feature though is that if you leave your iPhone on a dimly lit floor for too long, you’ll lose the ability to see your surroundings.

If you’re an iOS 9 Beta user, you’re able to turn this feature on by going to Settings > General > Camera and Light and then turn it to off.

Auto Daylight and Auto Light are also great for people who are more comfortable with dimming their phones in bright conditions.

If the ambient lighting is not too bright and the flash is not on, you won’t need this feature.

If your iPhone does not have Auto Lighting and Daylight enabled, you should enable it manually, and then toggle the Auto Daylight setting to off before turning the camera on.

Auto Lighting and Dynamic Night Mode is also available for other features in iOS.

You’ll notice this feature will also be available on the iPad and the new iPhone, as well as on the new iPad Pro.

These new features will be rolling out to users in the coming days, but Apple is not announcing the exact date for when they’ll roll out.

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