How to use your toothbrush to make the most of your toothpaste


A toothbrush that can hold your toothpastes contents has been found by a team of scientists from Oxford University. 

The team from the Oxford University Applied Physics Laboratory (OAPL) has discovered that when a toothbrush is filled with water it can absorb the water and remove all the bacteria that are in the toothpaste. 

“A toothbrush has a very long lifespan and it is a great way to keep your toothbrushes contents in top condition,” said Dr David Coughlan, who lead the research. 

In this video, we explore how the team found out that using the toothbrush in a vacuum can remove bacteria that cause cavities.

“The research is fascinating because the team has used a vacuum-based toothbrush which works by sucking in air from the air pipe of the tooth brush to produce suction, so the tooth brushes toothpaste is not only held together, but also works very efficiently.”

Dr Coughlon said the toothbrush could be used to remove dental plaque, which can form over time as it accumulates. 

He said the research is also exciting because the toothpaste is also able to provide a way to improve the quality of the oral health of people who have the disease.

Dr Cuffles said the study, which was published in the journal ACS Chemical Neuroscience, is a major step forward in understanding how dental plaque can be removed.

“We know that dental plaque is not a benign condition.

It can lead to dental damage, particularly in the area of the gum line where cavities are present,” Dr Coughlons study said.”

When plaque forms in this area, it can lead slowly to gum erosion.”

It is very hard to remove, because the bacteria is able to live there and they can get into the cavities through the mouth.

“By filling the cavity with a toothpaste, the bacteria are removed from the cavity and we get rid of the plaque and prevent gum erosion.” 

Dr Cougles study also looked at how the toothless toothbrush could work to remove the bacteria in the cavity.

“In the toothlessness toothbrush, the tooth is held between the teeth and the surface of the bristles, so there is no air, which is important for brushing,” Dr Skelton said. 

Dr Skeltons study found that a toothless, toothless vacuum-filled toothbrush will work to achieve a suction force of around 50 times its weight, and will be able to remove approximately 1 gram of bacteria per toothbrush. 

It is thought that the toothLESS vacuum-filled toothbrush would be able remove a maximum of 1 gram and would last around 30 days.

“I think that the most important thing for the tooth-less tooth-brush is that the bacteria will not be able survive,” Dr Bowers said.

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