How to help the victims of the Zika virus


Flores, Florida — (AP) Thousands of people in Florida are facing the risk of microcephaly and other neurological conditions as the mosquito-borne virus spreads.

In the past week, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued advisories about Zika, warning pregnant women and women with medical conditions should avoid traveling or going outdoors.

The state’s emergency manager, Tom Wieckowski, says he hopes Florida can soon get its feet under the table.

Wieckski says he knows that a Zika outbreak in the state would cause serious financial problems.

But he says he’s ready to get back to work and get people back to school.

We have to take care of our residents.

We have to be vigilant, and we need to protect our children and the communities that we live in.

But we can’t allow ourselves to be distracted from the needs of our own citizens.

The mosquito-control director of the Miami-Dade County Public Health Department says there are more than 20,000 cases of microcystinuria in the area and that the outbreak is linked to a strain of the virus that causes microcePHaly.

He says the virus causes severe neurological problems.

But he says it’s unclear if the microcepsy is related to Zika.

We do not know if the cause of microcephalic syndrome is a virus or the mosquito, he said.

It’s just an unknown factor.

He said the county is not sure if the new Zika virus is causing the new cases of neurologic disorders, but he said there are people who have severe microcerebral palsy, which is the same condition as microce PHaly.

We’re trying to figure out what it is.

But it could be a virus, he added.

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