How much of a tip is too much for NFL players?


NFL players are being forced to use their own pocketbooks to cover the cost of flight and hotel stays.

The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) says that players have been told by agents that the tip amounts to a $1,000 tip.

A $1 tip is a large percentage of the value of a ticket.

That’s a significant difference between a $20 tip and a $50 tip.NFL players are expected to tip up to $50 on the NFL ticket website.

But the NFLPA says the agents are also telling players that the tips are only $1.50 and that the agents can go as high as $25 if they want to.

The NFLPA is calling on NFL players to pay up to 10 percent of the cost for flights and hotels, but the NFL has not done so.

Players say they need to make $3,000 to $5,000 per game to be able to afford a hotel stay.

In a statement, the NFL said it’s “working with players to ensure that their tips are sufficient and that they are properly reimbursed.”

The NFL said the league will also be working with players on the concierge system.

“The NFL is committed to making sure that the game of football is a fun and exciting experience for fans and that all players receive a fair share of the financial benefits associated with the game,” the NFL statement said.

It also said that the NFL Players’ Association has received requests from players for information on how to use the concuerge system, but that the league “has not received any requests from NFL players.”

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