How to fix black tip nails


Black tip nails are a common problem in black people.

When they break, they leave a black nail pattern on your nail bed that’s black and black on the outside.

The nail tip nail is a very delicate nail, and it’s the nail that’s going to need attention when it gets dirty.

Here are the steps you should take to fix the nail problem.


Wash the nail area.

If your nail is on the nail bed, make sure it’s clean and dry with a damp cloth.

Then, wipe the nail with a soft cloth.

If you’re using a nail polish remover, you can also apply a little water to the nail and leave it to dry.


Clean up the area.

You can apply a mild detergent or a mild soap and water mixture to the area where your nail was damaged, and rub it in to loosen up any remaining dirt and debris.


Check the nail.

If the nail has broken, try to remove it with a clean, dry nail file.

If it’s still stuck, get a nail file and try to cut through it with the file.



If there’s still no visible nail, apply a small amount of nail polish and try again.


Remove the nail from the file and inspect the area for any damage.

You should also check the area of the nail where the nail was broken.


Try to work through the nail again.

You might want to try different nail polishes, nail remover and different sizes of nail file to try and work through it. 7.

Apply a small nail file on the damaged area.

Apply nail polish to the damaged nail with the nail file, then wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

You may also need to wipe the area with a towel or something like that.

If that doesn’t help, try a soft cotton towel to remove any residue that may have been on the nails.


Remove and replace the nail tip.

To replace the broken nail tip, apply the nail polish back to the spot where the broken tip was on the first time, and gently press it in.

You want to make sure the nail isn’t broken enough to tear the nail, but it shouldn’t be loose.

Repeat this process for each new nail.


Repeat on the next damaged nail.

Repeat with the next nail that is damaged.

The nail that was damaged in Step 2 should be ready to go, so you can apply the polish again.

This step can take up to 24 hours, but if it’s stuck, you might want a second nail file with the same nail size and color.


Repeat again.

Make sure you use a nail cap if the nail is sticking out too much.


Reattach the nail back to its original position.

Repeat Steps 6 and 7 for each nail that you’ve repaired.

You may want to check to see if your nail polish is still sticky, or if it doesn’t have enough adhesive on it.

If so, use a soft nail polish like a black polish or a metallic polish to try to work it in a bit.

If your nail isn´t completely dry, but you still have a little nail stuck to the surface, you may want some nail polish that has been applied in the past to try.


Apply another nail file or file to fix your nail.

You’ll need a nailfile to apply the new nail file back to your nail, a file to make the nail adhere, a nail cleaner to get the nail clean and a nail remacer or polish remacer to remove the nail to start over.


Repeat for the rest of the damaged part of the skin.

You shouldn’t need to apply a new nail polish or nail removers until you’ve finished the rest.

black tip nails tip n toe

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