What to Do When Your Dog’s Got an Epidemic


The puppy industry is in a tailspin.

As more people adopt the concept of “puppies for money” and adopt more dogs as pets, it’s becoming harder and harder for many puppy mills to survive.

In recent years, puppy mills have had to find a way to survive by cutting corners, often by shipping puppies into the U.S. from foreign countries.

This has made it hard for them to operate without funding, and they’ve found it increasingly difficult to survive in the face of a national pandemic.

“In my opinion, puppy millers are the most unethical industry people in the world,” said Lisa F. Haines, founder and CEO of the nonprofit The Humane Society of the United States, a national animal protection organization.

“They’re doing this with a level of malice that’s hard to stomach.”

While some of the most egregious puppy mills will not face legal repercussions, the worst cases can lead to horrific animal abuse, neglect and even death.

These are just a few of the stories that have come to light over the past two decades.

One example is the case of a man named Michael W. Johnson, who was convicted of killing puppies in Florida for his business.

Johnson allegedly told his customers that they were not legally required to take a puppy to the pound.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Johnson told his employees that if he had to take the puppies out of Florida, they would be taken into the back of a pickup truck and transported to a slaughterhouse in Virginia, where they would die in a cage.

Johnson’s case is a prime example of puppy milling in action, but the problem is much more widespread than a few instances of unscrupulous behavior.

Puppies are bred to look like puppies and then sold to people, often at a bargain price.

According to a 2011 report by The Humane Association of America, puppy factories often make a profit of $7.5 million a year.

In the case, which is currently pending, Johnson’s factory, Animal Rescue LLC, was caught with more than 30 puppies and puppies with no owners.

When the owners came to the factory in December 2012, they discovered that they had been lied to.

According a lawsuit filed by Animal Rescue, employees told them that the puppies were being sold to the slaughterhouse because they were “low-cost” to care for.

Animal Rescue also alleged that the company knew about the animals’ past medical and welfare issues, but that it sold them anyway.

Animal Rescue’s attorney told the court that the animal welfare issues at the factory are “extremely concerning.”

In 2013, the USDA investigated Animal Rescue for human trafficking, but found no evidence that Animal Rescue ever violated the law.

According the USDA, Animal Protection failed to comply with all animal welfare standards, and Animal Rescue was not licensed to sell puppies.

In a letter to the USDA in August, Animal Reform International, a nonprofit that works to protect animals, said Animal Reform “has not verified that Animal Reform has the proper licensing or inspection to continue to operate in the United, USA.”

The problem is that puppy mills often use deceptive marketing techniques to convince customers they’re buying a “piggyback” puppy, which are sold to unsuspecting buyers who then turn into a “pet.”

A puppy buyer will receive a check that looks like a credit card payment, but it’s actually a payment for a dog, which in turn can be used to buy a puppy.

For example, a puppy buyer might receive a puppy from a breeder who then pays Animal Rescue to ship the puppy to Animal Rescue.

Then the puppy buyer goes to Animal Reform and gives the breeder his or her name and phone number, which then gets added to the check.

The check is then mailed to the puppy’s owner.

The puppy buyer gets to keep the money, even though Animal Rescue never took the money and never delivered the puppies to the purchaser.

There are also many other scams involved.

A woman who lives in a town about 10 miles away from the Piedmont Puppy Mill, where she works, told me that a dog breeder gave her puppy a name she never expected to get.

I was surprised that I got this puppy, she said.

The breeder was not the puppy that I thought I would get.

She said that she had no idea that she was getting a puppy that was not hers.

But, in this case, the breder didn’t get the puppy.

Instead, the buyer received a different puppy that he/she had bought at a different breeder.

She told me it took her about a week to decide whether or not to take this puppy home with her, but she ultimately decided to take it anyway.

Even though the breaker was never contacted by the seller, the puppy was eventually sold to another buyer.

In 2015, the owner was charged with animal

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