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The Tri Tip is a new gel-like skin care product that is being marketed as a way to keep your skin clear and hydrated.

Tri Tip, a new skin care gel made by a company called Gelsource, was launched by Tri Tip in the United States in January.

This product has been widely hailed as a miracle product that can help keep your complexion healthy, even when you’re traveling.

But in an email sent to Recode, Gelssource founder and CEO John Poynter said that the product is just a “fancy” product.

He said that he’s been trying to get consumers to take a look at Tri Tip for months and they are still buying it. 

“When I was starting out, we didn’t have enough people who were actually using the product to make a serious dent in the demand,” Poynnter said.

He added that he is now convinced that the Tri Tip product is not just a fancy product, but actually a miracle.

Poynten said that a recent study found that the gel actually helps reduce the symptoms of common colds, such as sore throat and sore eyes. 

According to Poynan, Gersource has sold approximately 30 million Tri Tip gel packs in the US. 

But the product has also raised questions about how long it will be around.

Pounten says that there is currently no timeline for when the product will be available to the public. 

Gelsource says it will release a full list of ingredients when the Tri Tips product is ready to ship to consumers. 

Poynte says that he believes that the company has made a lot of progress with the product, which is made with the help of the world’s largest biotechnology company, BASF.

He says that BASF has been helping the company with its research, manufacturing, and distribution efforts, and the company is working with a number of other companies to make the product even better. 

While Poynen and Poynahts co-founders are optimistic about the product’s future, they say that they are confident that consumers will continue to purchase Tri Tips to keep their skin clear.

“I am optimistic that consumers are going to keep purchasing Tri Tip products,” Poungt said. 

This story originally appeared on Recode.

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